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Bodies in Motion  

Stuart Quine
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Bodies in Motion

When I was sixteen on Wednesdays after lunch I had double maths in a prefab next to the netball courts. The teacher was a bear-like man, well liked and respected by his students. However I was often distracted from my calculus and quadratic equations by the activity outside the draughty windows. Watching the girls play netball I learned more about bodies in motion than in any physics lesson. My favourite was Suzanne Kerr. She had long dark hair, curves, slightly ectopic green eyes as if she was wearing contacts and a sweet nature. Unfortunately she was also born-again and worried about my soul. I was certain I didn't have a soul but played along hoping to get her into bed. An uncouth youth, one day I said I though I would find heaven between her legs. She never spoke to me again.  

Tumbling down the years

the actions and omissions

that bring me to today.

Best, Stuart.