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Stars and Bars  

Stuart Quine
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Stars and Bars

"Yes", she says as he steps out of the car into the evening's slanting rain, "but death is the most mundane of things". Before he can reply she has pulled into the rush hour traffic and is already making the call.

Considering her words he sits down heavily at the hardwood airport bar. Beside his stool wheeled luggage and a black telescopic stick. "Jack Daniels'".  The bartender sets down his bourbon on a paper coaster. Reflected in the gleaming optics the blue light of a muted TV. JFK and Malcolm X in grainy black and white. Back then he had faith in the flag and a wife he could talk to about his day. Long gone. Last he had heard she was living with a dry cleaner in Miami. On a departure board a tumbling of letters and numbers and the final call for his flight. He drains his glass, takes a couple of bills from a money clip and rises wearily. No rest for the wicked.

Flying south

on the starboard wing

the setting sun.

Best, Stuart.