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A few recent three-liners for comment.  

Stuart Quine
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Daylight robbery -

the herring gull hops off 

with my battered fish.



at the heart of the bush

the last red berry


Warmth of the snug...

the old regulars nursing pints

of bitter and mild.


In a party hat,

a morose middle manager

dreams of murder.


Heartbreak forgotten -

the sudden redness

of rowan berries.


At Todaiji

the sacred deer

steal my nuts.



George Marsh
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Very funny, Stuart! The old regulars, bitter and mild, are amusing characters, but so is the sad clown who always gets his lunch nicked by the wildlife. The last red berry is wonderful but also amusing in its hard lack of grandeur.

Heather Dyer
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These are lovely. I particularly liked both haiku with berries in them, really beautiful. One tiny suggestion but I'm not sure of it myself, would be to drop the 'of' in 'of bitter and mild'? 

h x

Jonathan Buckley
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Stunning, particularly the last red berry in the bush.