Who Will You Call? & April in Dublin


Krystyna Jankowska

Krystyna sings another of our songs, Who Will You Call? What a voice!

I like songs with characters in a specific dramatic situation. In this song we have a highly intelligent man who sees through hypocrisy and mediocrity but is cynical and unforgiving. He is loved by a woman who can see his qualities but also sees that he is destroying himself with sour despair.

And here Krystyna sings April in Dublin. It is a song which breaks into kletzmer music in the last section, for a change of mood.

April in Dublin has a bit of the mood of Cotton-Eyed Joe about it: the sense of regret; the sense that lives were forever changed by something that happened – or failed to happen – long ago. And there is deep respect for someone very special, who was not fully appreciated as they should have been.

We hope you like these songs! Let us know your feedback.