First Kiss

I experiment with the Japanese literary form the Haibun, a short prose story or reflection studded with haiku poems. Like this:


It’s August the seventh 1960 and I’ve just kissed Tessa Carter, while the river mutters in its sleep and two boys strum Rhythm & Blues in the back field. The nose of a coypu slides across the black river dividing the waters.

fourteenth birthday:

I’m the Hoochie Coochie Man

ever’body knowd I yam

It may not be the kiss itself, but in the night air there is a ruthless exuberance. It is not romance, and it does not have much to do with Tessa Carter perhaps. It’s the trillion stars and the sound of water rushing past us like childhood. As it did for a Neolithic boy.

the stars’s energy


in the reedbeds

I am alive, and I know the music, in an ancient universe that seems to be already in full swing. I have seen stars before, but not noticed they are burning.

I am glad to be rid of childhood. It was beige vanilla daylight. I’ve got a new Rhythm & Blues walk. A Kisser’s Walk. It fits me like woad. I feel the night’s velvet urgency. I want to stay in the night. I don’t want days any more.

All I remember of her:

summer starlight

and the rhythm of the river

2 thoughts on “First Kiss

  1. I first kissed Julie Morgan on a Wednesday. I had meant to kiss her on the Tuesday but lost my nerve. She was sitting up in bed, off school with glandular fever. Impulsively I kissed her cheek, the corner of her mouth and then her lips. We kissed for an hour, wetly and with tongues. I walked home with her taste in my mouth. Standing before the mirror, I whispered, “Julie Morgan, I love you”. And realised that I did. Later she would take my cherry and break my heart, but that’s another story…

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