new haiku  


Jane Whittle
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07/02/2018 3:58 pm  

the silent room

echoes with loud voices

I cannot hear


wave after wave

must break, but the ocean remains

message repeated


the following haiku are intended for haiga  ( on the theme of walking)

- feed back welcome

walking alone

the land rolls over

under me


uphill path

one foot after another

tomorrow becomes today


clouds chasing clouds

from this sheltering rock

I watch the wind


sunset shadows

I stand still as the stone

and watch myself fadeig


two green hills

join in the dances of air

conducted by clouds










tomorrow bccomes today

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George Marsh
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08/02/2018 9:31 am  

Wonderful, Jane! You have hit a hot streak. These are the best you have done for a long time, with a beautiful sense of cycladic rhythms and time and change. Well done. It reminds me how good a book of Redthread selected works could be.


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