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All Hallow's Eve  

Stuart Quine
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                                                                                 All Hallow's Eve (revised version)

Back alleys fragrant with star anise. Hugging the wall a rat scuttles over rain-wet cobbles. Knots of young women in short skirts and heels hurry down a windy street. A black Mercedes with tinted windows idles at the curb its engine purring. Outside the kitchen door of the Lucky Dragon a chef in dirty whites takes a cigarette break. Behind him the clatter of woks and ladles, cleavers and chopping blocks. Pink neon in ruffled puddles. Chained trash cans spilling over. Spotlit the tall Chinese gate. Chinatown, five minutes shy of midnight..


                                                                                            The world turns

                                                                                             and I turn with it

                                                                                            waiting for my ride.


Best wishes, Stuart.